Online Payment through Customer Portal

1 – Go to "" , click "LOGIN"

2 – Fill in username & password and click "Log in"

3 – Tick the billing invoice that you like to pay for and click "Pay Now" to proceed

Note: Please tick starting from the oldest outstanding bills

Please select your choice of payment method :


4 – Select “Credit / Debit Card” and click "Proceed"

5 – Fill in card information such as Name of Cardholder, Card Number, Expiration Date, CVV

6 – (Optional) Would you like to use this card for future transaction (Allowing Freshtel Internet to pre-fill card information for faster payment in next payment)

7 – (Optional) Enable Auto Debit (Allowing Freshtel Internet to perform recurring payment after monthly bill is generated)

8 – Tick to agree on Freshtel Internet's Term & Condition & Privacy Notice and click "Pay Now" to confirm transaction


4 – Select “Online Banking” or "e-Wallet" and click "Pay Now"

5 – Fill in your name

6 – Click "Submit" to continue

7 – Select your bank account

8 – Click "Proceed" to confirm transaction